January update

The new year has gotten off to a great start. Yesterday, February 1st we got the official word that Ireland has qualified a team for Para Equestrian Dressage at the Paralympics. The whole team have put in huge work this year and it looked good all year that we would qualify but getting the official notification is nice to say the least.
So lots has happened since Christmas, I now have a degree so I can’t call myself a student any longer. I passed all my exams from Christmas and I managed to get a 2.1 as well.
I also decided to get laser eye surgery. I went for an appointment in early January and I made the decision there and then to go for it. I had it done a week later. My sight was not too bad but I needed glasses riding. They were a pain between getting dusty or dirty never mind when it rained. I tried contacts and I had to concede that they weren’t for me. So far, so good, I have it done 2 and a half weeks and I think my eyes are nearly perfect. They say it takes a fews weeks for it to come totally right but I definitely think I’m on the right track!
I had my first team training camp of the year in Kildaton which was really good. We had judge Henneke Gerritsen who gave  great insight into what judge look for and she was also complementary about Mister Cool so I was delighted. Two weeks later I did my first competition of the season and I scored 77% which was a great boost.
Now that Ireland have qualified I now have the task of making sure I get one of the places. I just keeping my head down and training away! Heres to a successful 2012!


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