Finding a new horse!

I am not as good as I should be at keeping my Facebook Twitter or blog page on my website updated so I am just going, here is the first of many (hopefully)

I am sure lots of people are aware that I did pretty well at the Paralympics in London and from my point of view myself and my horse Mister Cool achieved as much as we could. Given that we won a silver and two bronze medals I was pretty pleased with our best. After the Paralympics I realized that I needed to look for a new horse, to once again strive to be the top. I wanted to push myself, whether I won or lost I wanted to challenge that comes with a new horse.

I looked around for quite some time and found a very talented horse in December 2013. He was a 8y.o dutch bred gelding by gribaldi so he definitely had the breeding. Like every new partnership it had its ups and downs, one day I would think we were on the right track and next I wouldn’t be so sure but being determined or perhaps stubborn I persisted. By September 2014 I had a number of falls off him (luckily I wasn’t hurt) and decided that he wasn’t the horse for me and I sold him. He was very talented and quite possibly one of the most talented horses I could work with but I just couldn’t seem to click with him so I went back to the drawing board. Pictured below is RLE Be Smart aka Alfie


Even though I had to make the decision to sell Alfie I was really fortunate to have Mister Cool still who competed internationally in 2013 and 2014. Despite my failed attempt with Alfie I was very keen to move on and find something new. It is hard to find a good dressage horse is Ireland so I did a few trips to England and Germany and luckily I found a fab horse in January 2015 who I knew I wanted as soon as I saw and sat on him. I’ve never had the feeling of sitting on horse and just knowing I really wanted him. In fact when I first sat on Mister Cool,┬ámy London superstar, I thought he was the worst horse I had ridden but my coach saw something in him and I decided to listen to her, boy am I glad I did.

The beautiful horse I found is Rock and Roll or Rocky is his stable name. He is a 11y.o Hanoverian. His walk was super but more importantly his temperament is fab. I have never seen a perfect horse and speaking objectively his downfall is he can be a little lazy but from my point of view there was way too much to like there so no need to dwell on his downfall. Pictured below is Rocky the first day I sat on him, he is my black beauty, how could I not like him.


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